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    When you train with me one of the first steps I will coach you through is a science based goal achievement technique that guarantees your success. A personalized goal is appropriately set and then I will coach you how to focus, programming the changes small choices and actions, which creates a relentlessly drive growing new habits stronger with each repeated use of the new program I create for you because this new program will be your new focus, it reigns supreme, overpowering, relentless, and unstoppable. And one day you look around you and your goals have come to life. You have changed, and your world has changed. That quiet goal, written simply in a goal plan and cared for properly, began its journey to become a realistic lifestyle for you to maintain. You repeat that goal, it is nurtured and your mental strength is also growing, and creating a chain of events- a network of neurological patterns- so strong and pervasive, that nothing could slow it or stop it. That is what turns your goal into reality. When you set goals correctly, I make you a plan of action that works with your life and you put it to work, you will be successful. Chose a plan now and message me to get your goal setting strategy started NOW!

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    Lose weight, gain muscle, and make it last! With any of the fit programs I am going to make sure you have a great plan to do at home, take to your gym and be the one who looks like they know what they are doing with a purpose, or come and see me in person. No matter what your idea of “fit” is- It is possible and I want to help get you there! Get started simply with an online instant fat loss training plan sent to your email today or maybe you want the ultimate in personal training luxury with the Fit Transformation package to have unlimited access to me coaching you through your new fit journey each day along the way. Contact me if you don’t see the “fit” for you and I will make it happen!

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    Program and Weekly Local Check in or Online Unlimited Nutrition Coaching

    Nutritional Clients receive menu based on your current life schedule, body, your goals, and your taste buds- Loads of information are emailed to you to support you in this critical program which proves that nutrition is really key in healthy weight loss, maintaining lean muscle and losing the fat!

    Clients receive 12 weeks of email check ins & coaching, as well as unlimited email access for questions, concerns, or needed motivation.

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    Self talk has a great impact on your confidence and how you are living your daily life. It can be positive or negative, and have different effects on how you feel. There is a way you can start and develop better self talk now, which is as simple as listening to what you’re saying to yourself each day, start listening to science based self talk daily during normal activities, and watch how it improves your natural reactions, habits, and results. Start listening to self talk downloads today and get your mind ready to achieve goals!

    Adding onto the self talk programs leads to my life coaching programs. This is not required to start listening to self talk and included daily in personal training and nutrition services. Complete Life Coaching sessions are all over the phone, so your sessions can easily fit around your schedule. Life Coaching is offered 1x week and only 4 sessions are required to start, even though I have 52 separate lessons on helping you be your best and achieve your BIG goals. Only monthly commitment is required. I help people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give YOU the life that you really want. If you are interested in this coaching, you are already on your way to getting healthy and successful that are ready to make big changes in your life and want support from me as your own personal coach to do so. EVERYONE needs a coach!

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    Check this out and become a part of my world wide fit crew! Training with me online with one of my instant program guides, customized online nutrition and training transformation programs, listening to self talk, training with me in my home gym in Oregon City, Oregon, or simply just using my blog/ following on social media- I consider you part of the inspirational Fit Crew and I am honored for you to represent! We really are from every type of lifestyle and background but all have one thing in common and that is our love of getting fit and encouraging each other to stick with it. Start following me online, use the free resources and rock any of the fit merchandise wherever you are located.  Then when you are ready to get started chose a program and let’s get after those goals!

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