jackie-fit Jackie Voth in the best shape of her life after deciding to become a bikini competitor and training with Amy @ Fit.

sept-seven-feathers-show-2011-058 Angelina was losing weight through great nutrition before coming to see Amy compete in 2011, then she decided to make that her goal too. After training 4months through nutrition and exercise we discovered the amazing amount of lean muscle she was rocking everyday in that tiny body. Angelina now lives fit as an amazing example to her husband and three children.

bikini-babies Wendy began her health and fitness journey Fall 2012 and lost over 100lbs… and still going with quality nutrition, eating often and keeping 3 fun weekly workouts with Amy and other women in Group Training.

wendy-H IMG_37211-e1408751706874

dsc_9651-M DSC_9653-M Debbie’s goal was to get into the best shape of her life and see her ABS- Goal Achieved!

IMG_5168 Brittany trained with Amy @ Fit to prep for her first bikini fitness show in October 2013 and achieved it through eating more than she ever had before and made working out fun!

brittany Faith also lost an incredible amount of body fat and prepped for her first figure show with a family and house full of teenage boys!