canyouwillyou Neuroplasticity, a fascinating scientific subject and easiest step in reaching your goals. It is the #1 scientifically proven method of lasting change that you have probably never even heard about. How have we missed this?

In our culture of fast technology and billions of dollars spent on weight-loss products every year why have we not added this into our daily lives.

Neuroplasticity is really the rewiring of your brain, how you making lasting changes through creating new neuron pathways to replace the old ones leading to change and action towards reaching your goals. This is a loaded topic I will share the science behind in the coming emails. But this step is the fastest, easiest way to see lasting change. To simply get started, start listening to your own script, become aware of your own self talk and the areas it needs improvement. Moment to moment recognizing your own thoughts, here is where you will see exactly why it is that you are either crushing your goals, living out your dreams, or stuck what seems like a constant struggle. Self talk is a tough business but it is your life changer. But to get the benefit, the specific words you use/hear matter.

The good news is my mentor Dr. Shad Helmstetter is a psychologist that has been studying self talk for over 35 years and developed a self talk program that changes your neuron pathways by listening to specific self talk based on your goals and areas you want to change without any added time or effort coming from you. Science proves that you have to listen to the right self talk with repetition to build new neurons that create new thoughts that spur you on to the right actions.
So by listening to self talk 3-4x day over time, you will be creating new pathways of successful thoughts that you will actually be catching your self saying the right things in the right moments that bring you the successful moments that turn into days that create the life you want.

This was my life changer at the age of 18, not happy with my freshman 15lb gain. I have always had a passion for fitness but this new food/drink addition was starting to take over and I am so thankful that I walked into that Carlsbad, CA book store and picked up a copy of self talk for weight loss. Even as a kid, I understood that self talk played a major role in how we felt, how we acted, and it really did determine our mood and attitude.

After I read that book I bought the cassette tape lifetime library for $500 (now its only $200 or less). Seriously, in 1999 that was a fortune for tapes but it was worth every penny. I got out my walk man and made it my mission to be consistent listening to self talk when I was getting ready for work, on my lunch break walk, and then right before bed. Before I knew it, I was denying unhealthy treats that poured into the office daily without even a thought of temptation! I really even wondered how the heck this was happening. If I could bottle and sell those changes I would be a billionaire ….. Oh wait, Dr Shad did create the program already and all we have to do is listen. It shapes your day. Imagine waking up hearing your value, that you are going after your goals, and that you are getting better everyday. Have you ever received a complement early in the day and had it change your whole attitude even though you did nothing else different that day, or the opposite woke up to an argument and it shaped your day? An interesting fact is that it actually takes 8 full hours to mentally detox from an argument. So sad! The power of the words we hear about ourselves at the beginning of the day is strong!! I love getting pumped up and not waiting or relying on someone else to do it for me.

I can’t force anyone to become aware of their own self talk or press play to replace their old negative self talk with new positive self talk. But I can encourage you to try it, stick with it, and watch it change your life! This is the one piece that trainers, gym owners, medical professionals, and even with all good intentions health coaches are missing out on. In sports, coaches are beating positive game winning self talk into their players. In business, the most successful leaders are equipped with positive self talk and serious active goal systems that pass down onto their team. In family life, we can see the positive impact on children who are raised in uplifting homes, and at the same time the devastating effects of those children raced in cycles of physical and verbal abuse. The difference is the neuron pathways built that become thoughts that create action- positive or negative.

The science is called neuroplasticity. It is the discovery that your brain continues to require itself throughout your life. This is ground breaking news, because it proves that you can change and make a completely new way of life for yourself and it will be lasting. Don’t let your old way of thinking and the limits that other people have put on you stop you from recognizing your unlimited potential!

The proven 3 steps to lasting results are:

  1. Monitor your own self talk- listen to what you’re saying to yourself through out the day, your busy thoughts and even your thoughts when you know you should be doing something good for you or another person
  2. Edit– stop what you were about to say or think to avoid building strength in the old bad programs (neuron- thought pathways). Editing will not change your old patterns but they won’t add to them.
  3. Listen– listening to positive self talk through repetition is proven to be the fastest way to change and rewire your brain. The best time to listen is the first 10 minutes of your morning- example: I have to wake up and immediately hit the ground running so I listen to it when I get in the car and head to the gym which is an easy way to get in 10 minutes of self talk to start my day. When you start using new self talk you will actually be breaking down old negative self talk, which brain scientists call pruning).Discover the power of using these three simple life changing steps now by going to my website shop, which will take you to order the self talk library (or a smaller download of you choice) to download and start being able to get through steps 1-3 with no time effort or hassles, just start listening as you do your daily to dos now and get ready to start rewiring your brain for excellence. If you have more questions I recommend that you read the book Neuroplasticity by Dr Shad Helmstetter found on my websites shop.