Prenatal365 DVD


27 workouts, 9 per trimester designed with safety first to keep you fit during pregnancy and baby receives health benefits from your effort! Watch the testimonial to be inspired and get Prenatal365 to start now- before, during pregnancy and after!


Product Description

Easy to Follow! We don’t waste your time with a lot of extra talking. We explain the exercises in the circuit and then show the circuit as the mom does the transitions.

Home or Gym! Prenatal365 was designed to make it as easy as possible to fit in your workout with minimal equipment. Because of that, you can perform the workout virtually anywhere!

Targeted Trimesters! With each trimester comes a new set of challenges regarding workout planning. By following the Prenatal365 program, you’ll be fully addressing those challenges.

Full Year! Prenatal365 Is a complete yearlong program designed to get you through your pregnancy and have you bouncing back fast!

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