Pregnancy Fitness Prenatal365 DVD Sample Workout

This is the best of the best when it comes to safely training during pregnancy. I love every single one of these workouts and know you will be inspired, learn a lot about how simple it is to feel great and stay safe while training during your pregnancy. Complete Prenatal365 DVD available in shop NOW!


How to live Fit For Excellence

Check out my top tips for becoming Fit and creating a Fit Family: Get healthy from the inside out. Strengthening my spirit has enabled me to get healthy. Getting the outside fit when the inside is starved for attention isnt going to produce lasting results. Connect to your spiritual self by spending time in prayer … Continue reading How to live Fit For Excellence

Pregnant Mama Favorite Workout Move!

Some of you know that this past January I created workout videos with a company in NY called mygeniustrainer.com.  They are still in production but I am thrilled to have pregnant clients that are able to use the skills from the routines and to have the personal experience of training throughout 2 pregnancies and postpartum to … Continue reading Pregnant Mama Favorite Workout Move!


Prenatal workout series

Awe, 39.5 weeks pregnant with Reese and loved it! Working out throughout my pregnancy, getting rest, and wearing the right shoes along with mindful nutrition made both of my pregnancies fun and simple to “bounce back” into better shape than I ever was before babies! Watch out for video series coming out soon. Looking forward to inspiring … Continue reading Prenatal workout series


First 5k

Ready for your first 5k? I never thought I would ever run one! But I signed myself up and there I was, I had six weeks and was going to do anything I could to be there and cross the finish line! Thankfully by doing the couch to 5k and pushing a stroller I was … Continue reading First 5k


One month!

It’s amazing how one month can change your life! 5:15am and Parker and I were at at bootcamp! You can see in the picture below he wasn’t to excited, but it is possible to take a toddler and workout! And it pays off!

Momma and her HOT PANTS

Zaggora Hot Pants are amazing! Thank you to Amy and groupon. Why not trying something out that is going to make you sweat more and lose inches faster, that are half price. So I ordered them, and to my laughing extent from family, they actually work! The first day I got them I had to … Continue reading Momma and her HOT PANTS

Working out with a 19 month old

It’s possible! And I never thought that I would be able to do it. It was so easy to make up excuse after excuse. I don’t want to wake him, he wont sit in the stroller very long, he is all ready crabby. And come to find out all of the above happened, but if … Continue reading Working out with a 19 month old

It was time to change my life…FOREVER

The day had come, and I knew this was my last day of being over weight. I had an 17 month old little boy and I had always told myself that I would never want to worry about what if I wasn’t going to be alive to take care of my children. I was on … Continue reading It was time to change my life…FOREVER

So Worth it!!


It takes 10 months…..

10 months is that beautiful, tough, changing waiting time before we get to meet our sweet babies.   And it is enividable that our female bodies are going to change.  It’s while were pregnant, that if we chose to not use it as a free pass to eat endlessly, but instead chose healthy for our … Continue reading It takes 10 months…..


New Wednesday Morning 10am Class- Haute Mama p/t

Hi Friends!!  I want to introduce you to this revised class.  Formerly mom & tots…. during our class sessions, it seems that all the toddlers were quite happy entertaining each other and playing with toys.  I have brought into this large open facility some favorite toddler toys too!  So whether you can bring your tots … Continue reading New Wednesday Morning 10am Class- Haute Mama p/t