Healthy & Fit Family Dinner Ideas

Are you running low on new ideas of what to make your family for dinner while you are achieving your weight loss and fitness goals?? Here’s my week of family dinners planned out for you to use if you’d like: I will be posting and adding photos of these dinners on my Amy Ramage/Fit for … Continue reading Healthy & Fit Family Dinner Ideas


Why I want to be your Top Trainer

I love my job, and not one day has it ever felt like work. I am a wife, mother of four sweet daughters, and private gym owner of Fit for Excellence, LLC. I am certified in Fitness Nutrition and Personal Training through the International Sports Science Association. My top personal fitness achievements have been winning … Continue reading Why I want to be your Top Trainer


Pregnancy Fitness Prenatal365 DVD Sample Workout

This is the best of the best when it comes to safely training during pregnancy. I love every single one of these workouts and know you will be inspired, learn a lot about how simple it is to feel great and stay safe while training during your pregnancy. Complete Prenatal365 DVD available in shop NOW!

Fit honey mustard poppy seed dressing

1 tbsp Dijon mustard  1/2tsp poppy seeds 1 tbsp stevia  1/2tbsp fat free mayo = 10 cals 1g carb One thing I love for a free meal that I always say I would eat constantly is honey mustard poppy seed dressing on a fancy grilled chicken salad with all the fixings of course. But I … Continue reading Fit honey mustard poppy seed dressing


BCAA’s for Men and Women

Here is a fantastic BCAA called Amino Energy that is perfect for drinking pre and during your workouts. It is the perfect boost for when you want to aid your muscle recovery and get the preworkout energy without creatine or tingling feeling a lot of preworkouts come with.

Fit Track Workout

Fit Track Workout

10 Push-ups 10 Body weight squats 10 Burpees 10 Crunches Stair zig zag in stadium Jog Lap around track and repeat exercises then back up the stairs. Repeat 4 laps for 1 mile total on track. Pic is Betsy and Grace rocking out the bleachers one sunny, warm day last summer. Bring on the sunshine … Continue reading Fit Track Workout


Get Your Self-Talk Right!

NEW Self-Talk PLUS  Dr Shad’s Self-talk changed my life! And through his team they have created the ability for you to instantly stream it to your phone to listen to it anytime! I am so excited for all of my clients and friends to be able to try out the self talk for 30 days … Continue reading Get Your Self-Talk Right!


Emma’s story

Emma m testimonial 09.2.15 My whole life I have felt so ugly compared to my muscular and perfect bodies that have surrounded me. I was always the fat friend, sister, etc. For my 19th birthday I was gifted the best personal trainer who was so empathetic and got my binge eating, food allergies and mental … Continue reading Emma’s story


Annalise’s 100+lb victory!

Annalise’s victory! AnnaLise had to move away from the area so after starting her amazing journey with me she was down in incredible amount of weight and through life stress and having to pick up and move her family, unsure of housing jobs etc. she was able to stick to her goals and still succeed … Continue reading Annalise’s 100+lb victory!


Gallon of Water Daily

Saturday morning 9 AM I’m off to a great start! How was your water consumption and do you know how much you need to improve?? Think of water is a free fat burner!! Free yes I said free, we are blessed in this awesome country (at least in Oregon) with great water out of the … Continue reading Gallon of Water Daily


Looking for this?

It’s my first ad with ISSA and first spot in my all time favorite magazine Oxygen. It is an amazing fitness magazine for women who love living fit. No skinny or “fake fit” bodies in it and I love that. It’s all hard work and fit lifestyle which is what I practice and preach to … Continue reading Looking for this?

Workout demo- plank

We plank because it is so good for you! It strengthens your core which can alleviate back pain and benefit many other areas of the body- you should definitely add planks into your routine! The beginner playing starts on your elbows and your knees with your butt down, then you can move up to your … Continue reading Workout demo- plank


Take control of your high blood pressure with Fit for Excellence!

If you have high blood pressure, the best piece of advice anyone can give you is to listen to your body. How you feel can and should dictate the frequency and intensity of your workouts. While it is possible and preferable to lose weight while reducing your blood pressure, your top priority is to neutralize … Continue reading Take control of your high blood pressure with Fit for Excellence!


Do You Worry?

Have you ever tried giving your stress to God and seeing the health benefits of living worry free. Worry and fear spread disease, just the opposite of trust which brings peace and joy. But first you must know how to trust, who to trust, and why. “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell … Continue reading Do You Worry?


Start with one step

Today was an awesome opportunity to coach 130 people in one location on the basics of why to stay fit and ableit was so fun to prove to people at no matter what ability or past condition or current chronic condition you are more than able to do something to get yourself stronger and feeling … Continue reading Start with one step


Do not be Afraid of Healthy Changes!!

In my years of training people I have heard the excuse of people being afraid of getting fit or afraid of what it means they have to give up. If you live fit now you know that that is not reality but it is a legitimate idea that causes anxiety for many people before they … Continue reading Do not be Afraid of Healthy Changes!!


Specialist in Exercise Therapy

Functional fitness Functional fitness is something I’m very passionate about. This year I received on my continued education specializing in exercise therapy, training people with chronic conditions. Chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, past injuries, etc., in our culture are becoming far too common in there is much we can do when you train smart … Continue reading Specialist in Exercise Therapy


What’s Trendy? – Stop the trend and LIVE FIT!

If the current trends of our modern day lifestyles, including heavy reliance on processed foods and disconnection from nature continue, the World Health Organization predicts one billion people will be obese by 2030! That’s not just one billion strangers, that’s your neighbor, your friend, your family member struggling with one of the greatest risk factors … Continue reading What’s Trendy? – Stop the trend and LIVE FIT!


Fit Eggs in A nest

To mix it up, try out these amazing Eggs in a nest! I made these with a new client a couple weeks ago and they were amazing. So good that I made another batch for the 503FC to try out while camping this past weekend.Approved by all! Make for yourself and freeze 2 each in … Continue reading Fit Eggs in A nest

Training Hard and Staying Safe

I can appreciate the fact that people are putting more athletic movements into their fat loss programs. After all, you will get more results with athletic training than slow cardio. But you must be smart with your training. Doing explosive exercises to the point of muscle failure and therefore, to the point of improper form … Continue reading Training Hard and Staying Safe

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