Amazing Fit Transformations & Stories

Jackie Voth in the best shape of her life after deciding to become a bikini competitor and training with Amy @ Fit. Angelina was losing weight through great nutrition before coming to see Amy compete in 2011, then she decided to make that her goal too. After training 4 months through nutrition and exercise we … Continue reading Amazing Fit Transformations & Stories


Be one of Amy’s Fit transformations like Jessica!

Article Featured in the Oregonian 01/15/14 By Charles Muir Who: Jessica Dover, 33, Portland; 5 feet 5 inches, 143 pounds. Dover is a self-employed Spanish language interpreter. Married to a professional trumpet player, she also sings at her husband John’s shows and on recordings, mostly jazz standards. Jessica Dover of Portland on an obstacle course.Courtesy … Continue reading Be one of Amy’s Fit transformations like Jessica!


Now That’s Fit!

I added the symbols not because I am trying to get explicit but I loved that Jessica used them to define her weight and body fat before and after, because she IS FREE from that- she’s fit, healthy & loving it! I remember exactly when Amy Ramage inspired me to really get fit. And I … Continue reading Now That’s Fit!


Fit Rockstar of the Week Jill Lycett

Check out this super fit Rockstar Mama Jill and her son at the color run.  She is so awesome!  As she has reached her 2013 goals of losing 20lbs and doing her first 1/2 marathon, she also started a running club for kids at a local school and has the whole family doing fun healthy … Continue reading Fit Rockstar of the Week Jill Lycett


Fit Rock Star of the Week!!

All new motivation is going to actually come from one new rock star client each week.  As I was thinking about ways to keep you motivated, I thought “well the most motivating people I know are my clients that come in each week and consistently work on being their personal best and striving for excellence … Continue reading Fit Rock Star of the Week!!