The cold weather, over abundance of holiday treats, the lack of sunshine, the memories of family and friends no longer with us…. all of these things make it very easy to let the battle in our minds stir up into what can become what we can only imagine as a winter storm that keeps us locked in and feeling blue. I have the pleasure of being a motivator and people really do find their happy hour here in the gym. They get their heart pumping, lungs taking in deep breathes, get their minds off of anything but beads of sweat, suddenly being warm, and doing something great for themselves. I love these moments!

Many of my clients this week have spoke to me about how the holidays is their least favorite time of year, when externally everyone seems joyfilled and has spun from one holiday event to the next from Labor Day to Christmas! When you start to feel blue or if you start to mentally hear last years script of sadness or loneliness start to repeat, I do want you to acknowledge it, face it head on, and then you get to make a choice.

If you do currently workout out and move your beautiful, unique body in someway everyday on purpose and your Winter blues is simply old thought habits and lack of Vit D, then I highly encourage you to consider prepping yourself for the next season now. Chose to be your best self now going into the next season. Use this cold season for good, use it to bless others, and think about how you can change your attitude about this time of year by helping others, volunteer, or plug yourself into a communtity group you love (which also completely kills loneliness), and then you will be someone else’s bright light as they watch you control your new actions.

If you don’t workout or watch your health- I promise you 100% if you start even getting your beautiful body moving for 30mins a day (even your fast walk) consistently before your day starts or before you get home from work (those are the most consistently successful times to make fitness a habit)- YOU WILL FEEL A MILLION TIMES BETTER AFTER JUST ONE SESSION!

If you struggle with seasonal blues because of loss of family members or friends- I am sorry! This is painful and 100% not your fault you don’t automatically celebrate easily with others. But just like every other season of your life you have a choice to honor those people with the life you do live now. This again is a choice only you can make- and it can be made great! Acknowledge those people, your emotions, and think about the blessing you can be to those in your life currently. Pray, seek God to heal those hurts, and make wonderful new memories this year.

If you’re winter blues are based on loneliness….  well speaking from experience I can tell you this is a choice. During my years away from family and friends at college I did have one year where I really, really struggled with loneliness. Looking back I was so focused on being away from my family and childhood friends, that I missed what I could have been doing where I was living. Not only that but I was being self-destructive in my eating habits even though I was living in a very sunny location and worked out daily. I used food for comfort and had a nice little pity party every evening after work. Only I did not invite anyone else, not even Jesus to join. For about two months, I chose loneliness during that season watching everyone else with their families. It was miserable. So I completely have compassion for you during the winter blues, but the only way to bust through it is to change your routine.

Change is difficult but it all starts in your mind. Like the quote “whether you think you can or you can’t- you’re right.” That’s powerful and true.

I would love to help you find hope, pray with you, and start a new process that allows you to have the tools to thrive through the winter months and like the flowers rejoice in the spring! I stay on defense, just like taking vitamins to prevent a cold, I stay on top of my mental game by listening to self talk streaming, stay involved in a bible teaching/Jesus believing bible study (or I recommend finding your own to do at home- but I like the community/accountability here too), workout, surround myself with uplifting friends, and keep focused on what’s ahead (like a vacation next summer…. or haha, even if it’s only the greatest thing ever= Heaven!).

I challenge you to get your mind right and start by commuting to 30days free streaming and listen on the way to and from in your car or just cleaning up around the house. It’s like having an uplifting friend speaking to you about you until you’ll really believe it for yourself. No matter where you stand in values, faith, etc. we were created to be Awesome!

I listened to it getting ready with my kids, I just played self-talk for girls on attitude from my phone while we prepped for school. It’s fantastic!!

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