This is an awesome, slightly shocking photo of one amazing mom clients that walked into the gym last spring wanting to get fit. This is a busy full time working mom and wife that started a nutrition plan with me and started group training 4x week with a few friends. She has college age kids down to one in 2nd grade! I knew she was in pretty good shape already, but she is now strong and as a bonus THAT BOOTY perked right up…. along with everything else on her transforming!

When you start a plan with me, I take pictures because clients work hard and often they have a hard time seeing just how far they have come when the scale is not moving or moving at a snails pace…. but with time and consistency- putting it side by side…. WOW!

** I have thousands of pics like these on my wonderful computer but don’t post without clients prompting or letting me share so don’t think if I coach you I will put you on the world wide web….. but one day you might just ask me to so that you motivate others even more ….. so with nutrition and training I am happy to say results happen often! Eat more (have a plan), be consistent with both training and nutrition (get accountability), and enjoy the journey (make some fit friends)!!

If your booty wants some help or you need to surround yourself often with fit friends- msg me at 5038511609 to find out how to get started.


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